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Borrow and Lend against your business or project intellectual property (IP) assets

Leverage your intellectual property assets, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and designs to secure quick & collateralized loans from liquidity lenders. Experience seamless loan repayment with real-time settlement of your IP assets.


The estimated value of the current IP-financing market


The annual demand for IP-backed financing in the US (a YoY increase of 15%)


The combined estimated value of the US and European IP markets


The estimated value of the global DeFi market




A proprietary and expertly moderated valuation tool enabling accurate and reliable valuations and pricing of the assets IP owners want to borrow against.



IP owners can borrow against their IP assets: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Design rights and Image rights.



Liquidity providers can stake their stablecoins (USDT & USDC) to provide loans and liquidity in exchange for returns and rewards.


Idea Development & Business Strategy

Stage 1

Product Development & Lightpaper

Stage 2

Token Creation & Presale Fundraising

Stage 3

Testnet v1 Rollout

Stage 4

Public Sale Setup

Stage 5

Public Sale Fundraising

Stage 6

Mainnet Beta Release

Stage 7

Mainnet Launch & Further Development

Stage 8

How it works

Get started with HyDRAULIC, where Intellectual Property Meets Opportunity


Assess your IP asset's value via your dashboard


Transform your IP into an IP NFT, an asset token secured by blockchain


Use your IP NFT to borrow from the P2P marketplace or Liquidity Pool


Receive loan offers and accept the best one


Repay your loan and reclaim your IP NFT instantly

Use Cases

Use case 1

Artists can use HyDRAULIC to raise money for their next installation by leveraging the rights to their previous work.

Use case 2

By leveraging their trademark and other brand assets, boutique business owners can raise capital to franchise through HyDRAULIC.

Use case 3

Borrowing against the design or patent for a physical product or invention using HyDRAULIC is a flexible and easy way to raise money for its development.

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